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Camera Installation


Company Background

Panarama Technologies Ltd. was established in 1992  as a specialist in using Video Surveillance for the purpose of security, safety, surveillance, and loss prevention. To meet the needs of our customers, the company soon extended its services to Controlled Access as well. Today both systems are often installed side-by-side.


Currently, the company operates with seven members on staff, involved either in installation, service, or sales. Each of our core staff has at least ten years experience in the security field, meaning that we can meet whatever needs your organization requires. We are also one of the few companies within the industry who have the capability to both install the equipment and repair it on site when necessary. As a company we have an enormous sense of pride in our work and always try to merit the confidence our customers show in us when they select Panarama Technologies Ltd. We firmly believe in seeing that our customers are satisfied long after the initial installation is completed, and are proud to say that we have earned a reputation for excellent advice and quality installations throughout our industry.

Security Camera
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